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Reality check

Ha, yes I have your man. Yes your child loves me. Yes I’m more fun, prettier, and funnier than you. Grow up and get over it. It has been a year. It amuses me how you only use twitter now bc u saw we had it. You only use It to talk shit. Andd its even funnier how you revolve around me and what I do. I know you admirer me for the fact I  do it better but come on girl. Putcho big girl panties on, you’re older than me, act like it. Move on. Fix your ugly personality and you’ll be ight.

Nosey bitches in the koolaid when its tea

I guess tumbler is all I have to be able to say what I want whenever tf I want w o ppl stressing over if its about them or questioning who I’m talking about or screen shotting this and that.. Like chillll dude, get a fuckin life. Dont worry about me. U can’t say udgaf when its more than obvi that u do. For starters, if u didn’t, u wouldn’t search or ask about me on every social network. Plain and simple. Anywayy. I’m sure it’ll b a matter of time before someone screen shots this and phones blow up.. lol oh well!

Moral of this story : It’s tough being envied.

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